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Nutrition? Nutrition!

Sitting in your office or at home and trying to find out why, without any particular reason, you just don’t feel comfortable. Following text may inspire you to feel better!

However stress, tiredness, anxiety, sleeplessness etc. are quite common and universally accepted side effects of modern life, we should not permit them to operate our lives and to have a status of unavoidable and necessary ingredient!

With just a bit of attention focused on what we eat and some knowledge of aliment accessories we can free ourselves from their clutches and enjoy ourselves on a wonderful voyage called life!

Common reasons for worse mood and motivation:

  1. disbalance of blood sugar
  2. insufficient amount of nutrients – particularly vitamins B3, B6, B10, B12, C, then zinc, magnesium and unsaturated fatty acids
  3. lack of tryptophan and tyrosine

General rules for “good mood diet” should look like following:

  1. lets avoid sugar consumption
  2. lets reduce intake of stimulants – tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes
  3. lets increase consumption of food rich with nutrients – fruits, vegetables, seeds, wheat sprouts
  4. lets eat fish, turkey, chicken, cheese, beans, tofu, oat products and eggs
  5. lets consume seeds and nuts as well, the best are linseeds, hempen, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds
  6. lets use cold-extracted oils as salad dressings
  7. lets minimize consumption of fried food and saturated fats from meat and dairy products

Nutrition – a test for You:
Always when you answer “Yes” count it as one point. Maximum score is 20 points.

  1. Do you add sugar to your drinks almost every day?
  2. Do you eat food with added sugar almost every day?
  3. Do you add salt to food you eat?
  4. Do you usually drink more than one coffee a day?
  5. Do you drink more than three cups of tea a day?
  6. Do your smoke more than five cigarettes a day?
  7. Do you occasionally smoke marihuana?
  8. Do you drink more than 28 g of alcohol a day (one glass of wine, half a litre of beer or one glass of liquors)?
  9. Do you eat fried food more than twice a week?
  10. Do you eat “fast food” more than twice a week?
  11. Do you eat “red” meat more than twice a week?
  12. Do you often eat food containing additives and preservatives?
  13. Do you eat chocolate or other sweets more than twice a week?
  14. Does your daily menu consist off less than a third of fresh fruits and vegetables?
  15. Do you drink less than 300 ml of fresh water a day?
  16. Do you prefer white rice, flour and bread to whole-wheat food?
  17. Do you drink more than 1.7 litres of milk a week?
  18. Do you (by average) eat more than three slices of bread a day?
  19. Does any food or drink exist such as that you feel addicted to it?
  20. Do you eat fatty fish less than twice a week?


1 - 4: You care for you health very well and it is not likely that your “petty” sins would influence it. Use proper nutrition complements and you are to bask in a long and healthy life.

5 – 9: You are going the right direction, but try to be a bit harder on yourself! For example for one month abandon food or drinks of which you know that are not advisable for you. You will see your feelings. Try to achieve a score under 5.

10 – 14: Your menu is not good and to gain optimal health you need to make some changes. Try to achieve a score under 5 within 6 months.

15 – 20: By any means you should not proceed the way you are. You consume too much fat, refined food and stimulants; you should change your life style gradually!

For a start choose two or your YES answers and within a month make such changes to achieve an answer NO (e.g. quit eating sugar and drinking coffee), than apply the same method repeatedly until you reach a score under 5.

Results of your test do interest us! Please, send them to us! You will be included in a lottery where 5 of you are to win a possibility to gain his or her nutrition plan and a consultation with nutrition expert for free.
Last few words:

No changes in your daily menu and supplementation can save you all on their own! You surely know how important the locomotion is! Try to make a first step on your path to your goal and go for a walk somewhat “beyond your plan”... it is likely that you won’t lose weight but the next day you will have mind to embark upon your goal!


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