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laser diodo 980 nm vein removal machine
Product name : laser diodo 980 nm vein removal machine

Model Number : CG-915

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Professional laser diodo 980 nm vein removal machine

808 nm diode laser

1Laser wave length980nm
2Output Power

1-20W/25W/30W( options)

3Pulse width15ms-100ms
5ModePulse mode
6InputAC: 96-264V, 47-53 Hz
7Length of Fiber2m
8Operation modeTouch screen
9LanguageEnglish or OEM
10Aiming BeamDiode laser of 650+10nm 5mW (Max.) adjustable brightness
11Operation interface8.0 inch Color LCD touch screen
12CoolingAir Cooling
13Light Delivery Systemdetachable fiber system, core Size (Use only approved system )<200u, SMA 905 connector
14Safety classification

Class I Type B



16ApplicationSpider Vein removal /Vascular Removal
17Safe ProtectionCode Lock
19Net /Gross Weight4KG/9KG
20Power SupplyAC 220V±10% 50Hz 10A
AC 110V±10% 60Hz 10A













Using selective light absorption, the Diode 808 laser is preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair. The light energy is taken up by the hair follicle and converted to heat energy, and minimal energy is transferred to the skin. This preferentially heats the hair and its DNA, while reducing oxygen organization around hair follicle – reducing the chance of hair regrowth. Special cooling technology is applied simultaneously during treatment to cool the skin and protect skin. The Diode 808 laser permanently reduces hair on all skin types, including very fair skin and olive or African-American skin. Treatments are most effective on medium to dark hair on any skin type. Fine and light hair is very difficult to treat. Blonde, red, white and gray hair cannot be treated.


808 nm diode laser



808 nm diode laser


1.Special features

  • Big spot used for hair-removal makes the treatment spead 3 times quicker than before;
  • Convenient operation with LCD screen , PC control , Friendly system;
  • Simple manipulation with humanistic desinged handpiece;
  • Treat pain-free with osculant cooling system;
  • Treatment parameters neatly adjusted;
  • One equipment with Changeable Filters for professional care;
  • Fashion designed appearance;
  • Gentle and effective to and part of the body;
  • Great safety: surface layer cooling makes the IPL energy and its released speed could be controlled so as to make great safety during the treatment.
  • Comfortable: non-invasive radiofrequency technology, no blood, wound, or lay off

2.Friendly operation

  • LED LCD screen, very clear and practical, easy to operate.

3.Convenient and safe

  • Techniques: Intense Pulsed Light (Safety is the most important!)

4.Universal beauty assistant

  • The world's most powerful skin care equipment that is multi-position design, which is suitable for skin care, including skin around eyes, face and the whole body. (High quality, inner and outside inspection before delivery)

5.Exquisite design

  • Aiming at female group, adopting the liniest international design and combining with ergonomics, we design exquisite beauty equipment with simple and decent profile. (Fashionable, decent and exquisite)

808 nm diode laser

  • The 808nm near infrared laser is best for absorbing melanin so that it is highly effective in different parts of skin, hair follicles and reach to removing any hair easily, with lasting results.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • The technology behind the Diode 808 laser ensures the skin absorbs less laser, reducing the risk of hyper-pigmentation.
  • Sapphire touch cooling system can make sure that treatment more safe and painless.

808 nm diode laser

Offering you a comfortable way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time.

 808 nm diode laser



808 nm diode laser




808 nm diode laser


 808 nm diode laser

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  • Advanced technology:Design, e-technology development, software and hardware debugging, assembly, testing and packaging.
  • Integrated enterprise, a truly one-stop production, make your choice without any worry.

808 nm diode laser



808 nm diode laser

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