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cold hammer ice cold therapy treatment instrument
Product name : cold hammer ice cold therapy treatment instrument

Model Number : CG-021

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cold hammer ice cold therapy treatment instrument personal skin care






 Refrigerator temperature can preserve food, to maintain the original flavor of food is now known to the common sense of people, low temperature can cure, improve skin, beauty of the effect was generally ignored by the unfamiliar. Much of the Egyptians in 2500 BC, have known the location of the ice directly on the wound to reduce wound on the pain and the degree of swelling, can be regarded as the ancestor of cryotherapy. In short, the use of surface temperature lower than body temperature to improve the method of treatment referred to treatment or freezing cold therapy (CRYOTHERAPY). For this purpose many ways, a traditional style, but also technology, such as ice, ice, dry ice, ice bags, liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid air.

Physiological role of 8 degrees Celsius, the effect
1, contraction of blood vessels, resulting in tightening the pores, the pores have a great room for improvement;
2 strengthen the collagen fibers, skin becomes firm and elastic, smooth wrinkles, crow's feet;
3, the contraction of blood vessels, effectively reduce varicose veins, small bars go up, with the venous return of the hazardous waste is more susceptible to purification and detoxification, to dilute the spot, eliminating a significant effect;
4, to reduce the metabolic rate, reducing skin redness, swelling, swelling, pain, particularly in allergic skin.

Technical Parameter


220V 10A /110V 10A



Power consumption


Splint package:







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