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PDT LED therapy beauty machine
Product name : PDT LED therapy beauty machine

Model Number : CG-7000

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Professional 3in1 Stand Type 5 Colors Photon Rejuvenation Facial Equipment.

Safe & popular Treatment  for Anti-aging/wrinkle/Skin Whiteing!

Effictive & Low cost & Brand New & Ready to Use!

1 Year Warranty!




     The PDT skin rejuvenation machine developed by company employ the LED originally imported from USA with above 99% purity and narrow spectrum red, blue, yellow and green light sources. The genetic biological wave light sources are utilized to rapidly effect hypodermic tissue, get absorbed by linear cell particles, and introduce most efficient light chemical and biological reaction ---- enzyme-promoting reaction, which increases cell activity, promotes melanin decomposition and cell metabolism, causes skin to excrete lots of collagen protein and improves white blood cells bacterium-killing capability so as to achieve treatment effects like skin whitening, skin freshening, wrinkle removing, anti-aging, etc. When such light sources are applied to treat dark sores, they are absorbed in large quantity by the acne bacilli that reproduce light-sensitive substances; through killing acne propionic acid bacilli, skin acnes are subsequently removed.



1.  Non-touch treatment, safe and reliable
2.  PDT doesnt heat up or burn skin.
3.  Large spot size and short treatment time
4.  No side-effects, laying off or ache feeling. Its suitable for all kinds of skin.
5.  Low cost on cure, longevity and simple maintenance..
6.  Easy operation and no need professional trainings.


of Application

1.        Effective anti aging

2.        Effective eradicate fleck without pigment refulgence

3.        Effective skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removing, face lifting

4.        Effective cure desensitization, red nose, rid acne and telangiectasia

5.        Effective heal up the injured surface after the plastic and surgery

6.        Effective repair the sensitive skin due to tattoos, the injured skin caused by the laser or  photons surgery and rid pigmentation

7.        Instantly remove the tiredness, relax the body, and ameliorate the dormancy

8.        Regulating incretion, ovary care, breast lifting and enlargement

9.        Absolutely ameliorate nerve coma on the face and convulsion

10.     Effective scurf ridding, prevent from hair falling off, nourish hair and speed up the hair growing


1. Reduces and prevents wrinkles
2. Balances skin tone
3. Enhances circulation
4. Inhibits the formation of melanin pigment
5. Firms your skin
6. Smoothes pockmarks
7. Lightens scars
8. Fights acne and dermatitis


1. Indicated skin conditions
2. Meridian points (in acupuncture)
3. Painful areas
4. Directly on wounds or treatment points
5. Distance from the application head to skin: 0.5-1 cm, not more than 1 cm


1. Light rays of different wavelengths:
2. Penetrate 10 mm deep into skin
3. Low power setting 
4. Signal: beeps on change of power
5. Lightweight and portable
6. Suitable for all skin type

Technical Parameter

Light source

PDT light

Output wave

Red(660 nm) ---One of the most powerful  color to increase Blood Circulation. Stimulate skin cell to excrete Collagen to achieve firm & smooth texture.

Blue(415 nm) ---Excellent effect of Cure acne, Kill bacteria, Help cure sensitive skin

Yellow(590 nm) --- Stimulate lymph and nerve faculty, strengthen muscle and improve immunization system. Also helps to balance and ease sensitive skin.

Green(512 nm) --- Anti-aging, Smooth wrinkle & Fine lines, Cure wound

Purple(430 nm) -- Relaxing, Improve Lymph Metabolism


when the wavelength is 640nm, the lightness =480mcd

Treatment Area


Output power







220V/110V/15A  50Hz(60Hz)

Treatment time

For face: 1-2 times a week will be appropriate
For body: 2-3 times a week will be appropriate




Within one year after purchasing date, we can repair the machine free (except man-made reason)

After one year, we only charge the cost of spare parts

Star after Sale Service

Your questions

Our service

You must do

1. Worry about the after-sale service

We give one year warranty on non-man-made damage, and we give 5 years maintenance for free

But our machine and you can present our Performa invoice

2. Damage caused by the international transportation

Free on maintenance and changed spare part, parts delivery are free

This is suitable for the delivery by our company (if you arrange the delivery by yourself, it is not including, you should inform us with 3 days after receiving), and you must send the broken parts or machine back to us

3. the damage is caused by man

In 5 years, we give free maintenance and repairing; only charge the cost of damaged parts.

Send the broken parts or machine back to us.

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