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Home >> Product >>CG-3500 4 color PDT led light therapy machine with CE
CG-3500 4 color PDT led light therapy machine with CE
Product name : CG-3500 4 color PDT led light therapy machine with CE

Model Number : CG-3500

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CG-3500 4 color PDT led light therapy machine

led light therapy

  Functions Specifications
1 PDT light sources LED gene biological wave light sources
2 PDT Output  Wavelength Red 640nm±5nm ; Blue 470nm±5nm,415nm±5nm
3 LED Wavelength

yellow & green

Yellow light: 570nm±5nm, 600nm±5nm

Green light: 570nm±5nm, 500nm±5nm


Intensity of LED light

Wavelength 640nm≥8000mcd

Wavelength 470nm≥4000mcd

Wavelength 415nm≥4000mcd

5 PDT Square of spot 25*15*2cm 2800bulbs

PDT Export power


7 uv phototherapy equipment for psoriasis vitiligo Display touching display
8 PDT Digital System Digtal Auto counting
9 PDT Density of power


10 Environment temperature 5°C~40°C
11 Energy Mode Pulse & Continuous
12 uv phototherapy equipment for psoriasis vitiligo Dimension 73cm*68cm*127cm
13 uv phototherapy equipment for psoriasis vitiligo Weight 20kg
14 uv phototherapy equipment for psoriasis vitiligo Power Supply AC 100V-120V/200V-240V/50Hz/60Hz




led light therapy


led light therapy


led light therapy


led light therapy



4 color PDT led light therapy machine  developed by company employ the LED originally imported from USA with above 99% purity and narrow spectrum red, blue, yellow and green light sources. The genetic biological wave light sources are utilized to rapidly effect hypodermic tissue, get absorbed by linear cell particles, and introduce most efficient light chemical and biological reaction ---- enzyme-promoting reaction, which increases cell activity, promotes melanin decomposition and cell metabolism, causes skin to excrete lots of collagen protein and improves white blood cells bacterium-killing capability so as to achieve treatment effects like skin whitening, skin freshening, wrinkle removing, anti-aging, etc. When such light sources are applied to treat dark sores, they are absorbed in large quantity by the acne bacilli that reproduce light-sensitive substances; through killing acne propionic acid bacilli, skin acnes are subsequently removed.


led light therapy


Lights Function Clinical Application
Red promotes metabolism, accelerates blood circulation, improves skin moisture, increases skin collagen protein, intensifies skin elasticity and smoothes fine wrinkles; anti-aging, skin whitening, freshening, skin moisturizing, brightening, wrinkle remove, sensitive skins treatment, hair regeneration, emotional relaxation, release of fatigue
Blue bacteria killing, skin cleaning, cell activation, injury recovery, promoting protein-ossein composition; Acne, diminish inflammation, purify skin.
Yellow Improving cell's oxygen alternation function, promoting micro circulation, decomposing pigment, promoting lymph poison discharge, curing skin roughness, red spots and deficient circulation. Capillary vessel expansion, skin darkening, loosening, dark yellow facial looks
Green Effective reduction of melanin cell, decreased pigment formation, adjustment of skin gland function, reduction of grease gland excitation Greasy skin, dark-end spots, bottle nose, greasy hair losing, flecks, sunning spots, pigment sediments

led light therapy


1.Characteristic of 4 color PDT led light therapy machine

  • Be proven to be 100% safe and highly effective

  • No UVA - No UVB - No Ultra-Violet - No Infra-red
  • Non-invasive, there is no downtime and no damage to skin cells
  • Simple equipment operation requiring no professional trainings;
  • Long application life, stable performance, long continuous working time;
  • Clients can apply makeup immediately after treatment;
  • Strong lighting energy, intensive penetration, big-size treatment area, and short treatment time;
  • applicable for any skin characteristics;
  • Low treatment costs (when compared with photon or laser methods);
  • Simple repair and no special requirements for treatment environment;
  • Light sources arrayed in matrix to accommodate human facial profiles;

2.Convenient operation

  • LED LCD screen, very clear and practical, easy to operate.

3.Convenient and safe

  • LED gene biological wave light sources .(Safety is the most important!)

4.Universal beauty assistant

  • The world's most powerful skin care equipment that is multi-position design, which is suitable for skin care, including skin around eyes, face and the whole body. (High quality, inner and outside inspection before delivery)

5.Exquisite design

  • Aiming at female group, adopting the liniest international design and combining with ergonomics, we design exquisite beauty equipment with simple and decent profile. (Fashionable, decent and exquisite)

6.Special features of 4 color PDT led light therapy machine


  • Effective anti aging
  • Effective eradicate fleck without pigment refulgence
  • Effective skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removing, face lifting
  • Effective cure desensitization, red nose, rid acne and telangiectasia
  • Effective heal up the injured surface after the plastic and surgery
  • Effective repair the sensitive skin due to tattoos, the injured skin caused by the laser or  photons surgery and rid pigmentation
  • Instantly remove the tiredness, relax the body, and ameliorate the dormancy
  • Regulating incretion, ovary care, breast lifting and enlargement
  • Absolutely ameliorate nerve coma on the face and convulsion
  • Effective scurf ridding, prevent from hair falling off, nourish hair and speed up the hair growing


led light therapy


  • Removing flecks, sunning spots, pigment sediments, reduction of sunlight damage to skin;
  • Treatment for spots, dark sores and folliculitis;
  • Lightening red spot acnes and capillary vessel expansion;
  • Smoothing fine wrinkles and tightening loose or aging skin;
  • Shrinking coarse pores and curing skin roughness;
  • Treatment for dark or dim skins caused by deficient metabolism or circulation;
  • Release of fatigue, reduction of pressure and improvement on sleep;
  • Curing skin scurf or folliculitis-caused hair losing;
  • Recovery from slight pathological replacements of facial nerves;
  • Recovery of injured skin:

      -  Skin recovery after skin replacement, recovery from tattoo or tattoo allergy;

      -  Laser eyebrow washing, instant recovery from tattoo washing, sensitive skin recovery;

      -  Recovery from skin burns, blisters, or pigment sediments caused by excess energy or improper operation during photon treatment;


led light therapy

Offering you a comfortable way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time.



led light therapy




led light therapy




led light therapy


 led light therapy


  • Specialize in research development, design, production, sales and after sale service for skin care, oxygen facial machine, slimming beauty equipment.
  • Advanced technology:Design, e-technology development, software and hardware debugging, assembly, testing and packaging.
  • Integrated enterprise, a truly one-stop production, make your choice without any worry.




led light therapy




led light therapy

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