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CG-9600C Portable Tattoo Removal Machine
Product name : CG-9600C Portable Tattoo Removal Machine

Model Number : CG-9600C

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CG-9600C Portable Tattoo Removal Machine

beauty equipment



  Functions Specifications
1 Laser Type

Q-Switched ND:YAG

2 Cooling manner Closed-off water circulation + air
3 Laser wave length 1064nm/532nm
4 Black moppet wave length 1320nm
5 Spot diameter 1-5mm Continuous adjustable
6 LCD screen

10.4 inch TFT touch screen

7 Pulse width 10-20ns
8 Working frequency 1-6HZ
9 Language choices Chinese ,English ,Japanese , Korean
10 Dimension 65*63*40cm
11 Weight: 15KG
12 Voltage: AC 100V-120V/200V-240V/50Hz/60Hz



 CG-9600C Portable Tattoo removal machine


CG-9600C nd yag laser tattoo removal machine


CG-9600C laser tattoo removal machine


CG-9600C tattoo removal machine



1.  Q-Switched ND:YAG

Adopting the Q-Switched ND:YAG model, the equipment uses laser to emit high energy instantaneously which smashing the pigment of pathological tissues, namely the laser leading explosive effect: High energy emits instantaneously, making particular wavelength laser penetrating epidermis and getting into pathological pigment tissues in only 6nms.Then pigments expand in top speed and explode. The superficial epidermis would be bounded out of body; other part of the pigments would split into granules which would be engulfed by macrophages, then exclude by the lymphatic system finally. The pigment becomes shallow gradually finally disappear while the surrounding normal skin tissues keep sound as they do not absorb particular wavelength laser.

Eliminate spots, remove tattoos: The specific laser wavelength will effect on and melanin of epidermis and dermis. The pigments will begin to swell and explode to tiny particles after absorbed this high energy laser. One part of them will be shot out of the body; the other parts will be gradually removed by metabolism.

Tighten skin, contract big pores: Spread specific fine carbon on face, after absolutely infiltrated in pores, then to shoot; it’s easily burst the carbon particles to break out the spots and cutin of epidermis. The heat will stimulate re-growth of collagen, to tighten skin and shrink pores.

 CG-9600C tattoo removal

  2. Black Moppet

Using light absorption principle, in the treatment place daub baby face special activated

Carbon, one part absorbing by activated carbon and then transmitted subcutaneous tissue, the other part direct blasting by the laser.

Because of activated carbon can reduce the laser to skin damage at the same time it can fully transmit the laser energy to the bottom of skin, stimulate protein collagen, speed up the aging cell's metabolism, and make skin rapid return to the state of the young.



beauty equipment


   1. Q-Switched ND:YAG Application:

     Mainly used to remove part of the skin lesions, extrinsic endogenous pigment

Pigment skin problems and traumatic pigmentation, such as: To wipe out tattoos, to eliminate eyebrow cleaning, eye-line cleaning, age spots, birthmark, etc.

1). Purify tattoo, artificial eyebrow, eyelid line, labial line.
2). Dispel Ota, cafe-au-lait spot, freckles, pigmented nevus, birthmark, chloasma, age pigment, old-age
spot, erythematic, erythematic mole, and hemangioma, telangiectasia, etc.
3). Get rid of red, blue, black, purple, palm, and brown pigmentation.

    2.  Black Moppet Treatment effect:

1) Remove freckle: freckle, age spots, chloasma,sunburn,butterfly rash, The pigmentation, to red blood silk, to black head, acne etc.

2) Firming skin: tighten pouch, treatment black rim of the eye, dispel the crow 's-feet, expelling neck lines; Reduce shallow wrinkles fine lines, ascension taut skin, restore skin elasticity, adjust the smooth and delicate skin, remove yellow gas lost.

3) Tender skin: Smooth wrinkles and fine lines,withe update skin, improve rough pore, treatment capillaries.

   3. Suitable for skin type:

- pore bulky problem
- oil had secreted fill acne
- the skin is dark yellow without burnish
- skin flabby, a fine lines
- rough skin
- a superficial blain mark


    4. Features

1).  Latest suppression of single-pulse laser technology together with international standard production and
strict technical testing, providing a more stable and more reliable performance.
2).  Advanced cooling system with automatic protection device for controlling the pressure, temperature
and circulation of water, provide a longer continuous working hour.
3).  Microcomputer-controlled module makes automatic counting easy for scientific management.
4).  Portable, seismic design, can be take out for treatment easily
5).  Selective heat absorption, No harm to the follicles and normal skin.
6).  Leaving no scar, only remove pigment thoroughly.
7).  Easily accept by clients, with wide applicable range ,short treatment time and perfect effect .


    5. Technical advantages

  • Non-surgical treatment: no injection, no wound, no drugs, no anesthesia in the whole treatment process.
  • Safety: it selectively takes effects on the target fat cells, destroying the fat cells thoroughly, and then the fats cells are removed by the absorption and decomposition of human body’ s natural endogenous metabolism. Meanwhile, the surrounding epidermis, blood vessels and nerves remain unharmed.There isno risk of infection and trauma. A safe body shaping is promised.
  • Intelligent design: Intelligent control, touch operation, visual interfaces, Easy to learn, safe and convenient.
  • Convenience: The whole treatment is comfortable, no need to wear a shaper corset, no down-time,without any affects to normal life and work.
  • Effective results: After one treatment, 2cm fat will be reduced;after 3 treatments, 5-8cm fat will be removed. Remarkable slimming results without bounce.
  • Free operation, . non-anaesthetic.
  • No ruggedness.No bleeding, tumidness and bruise.
  • No side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon.
  • Woundless, will not influence the nomal working and living.









Offering you a comfortable way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles and no down time.



effect for skin 2.jpg




beauty equipment




beauty equipment


 beauty equipment


  • Specialize in research development, design, production, sales and after sale service for skin care,slimming beauty equipment.
  • Advanced technology:Design, e-technology development, software and hardware debugging, assembly, testing and packaging.
  • Integrated enterprise, a truly one-stop production, make your choice without any worry.




beauty equipment



beauty equipment

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