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Q Switch ND YAG tattoo remove machine
Product name : Q Switch ND YAG tattoo remove machine

Model Number : CG-2000

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Q Switch ND YAG tattoo remove salon equipment with CE

1.Purify tattoo, artificial eyebrow, eyelid line, labial line.

2.Dispel Ota, cafe-au-lait spot, freckles, pigmented nevus, birthmark, chloasma, age pigment, old-age

spot, erythematic, erythematic mole, and hemangioma, telangiectasia, etc.

3.Get rid of red, blue, black, purple, palm, and brown pigmentation.


Principle of Operation

During the last 10 years, Q-Switched lasers have been shown to be very effective at removing tattoos. Q-Switched lasers deliver very high power but very short pulses of laser light, which pass through the skin and break up the particles of tattoo pigment, which are then removed by the body, by white blood cells and the lymphatic system. Thats why tattoos normally fade over time. Q-Switched laser treatments make the pigment particles small enough to be removed much more quickly. Multiple treatments, given about one month apart are necessary for best results.

   In contrast, laser cosmetic surgery uses a tiny laser beam of energy which immediately seals the blood vessels all at the same time. The result is significantly less postoperative swelling and minimal, if any at all, bruising. Patients heal quickly and are amazed at how pain-free and comfortable they feel. Depending on the procedure, patients can apply make-up within 24 hours and go about their business.


Special features

1. Latest suppression of single-pulse laser technology together with international standard production and

strict technical testing, providing a more stable and more reliable performance.

2. Advanced cooling system with automatic protection device for controlling  the pressure, temperature

and circulation of water, provide a longer continuous working hour.

3. Microcomputer-controlled module makes automatic counting easy for scientific management.

4. Portable, seismic design, can be take out for treatment easily

5. Selective heat absorption, No harm to the follicles and normal skin.

6. Leaving no scar, only remove pigment thoroughly.

7. Easily accept by clients, with wide applicable range ,short treatment time and perfect effect .


Technical Parameter


220V 10A /110V 10A



Power consumption

< = 10W

Laser type:

Q-Switched lasers

Laser wave

1064nm & 532nm

Spot size

2-5mm adjustable

Pulse Duration


Pulse energy

1064nm:Max 1100mj; 532nm:Max 600mj

Repetition rate

1/2/3/4/5 Hz Adjustable

Operative Interface:

6″ Dual color button screen

Power Supply:


Output energy


Continue Working time

1-2 hours

Treatment head

 One hand piece with two treatment tips

Cooling system

Air Cooling plus Close Water Circulation Cooling

Aluminum package:

45*26*27(cm) (L*W*H)


14 KG


Picture of machine


Star after Sale Service

Your questions

Our service

You must do

1. Worry about the after-sale service

We give one year warranty on non-man-made damage, and we give 5 years maintenance for free

But our machine and you can present our Performa invoice

2. Damage caused by the international transportation

Free on maintenance and changed spare part, parts delivery are free

This is suitable for the delivery by our company (if you arrange the delivery by yourself, it is not including, you should inform us with 3 days after receiving), and you must send the broken parts or machine back to us

3. the damage is caused by man

In 5 years, we give free maintenance and repairing; only charge the cost of damaged parts.

Send the broken parts or machine back to us.


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